smart trailer

With the spread of green energy and electric vehicles, the time has come to develop a new, more efficient, multi-layered and safer trailer.
The Smart Trailer was developed by Knott Autoflex-Group in partnership with EXA Smart Power Systems.

One of our main goals was to develop and build an efficient trailer that aligns with the needs of today's user. 
The Smart Trailer's electric drive EV's and fossil fuel vehicles will use less energy and fuel when towing the Smart Trailer than without our advanced system.
With our all-in-one system, we help users make fewer compromises when using their electric vehicle, as well as enhance the economics of using a fossil vehicle.

Another important component of the Smart Trailer is the enhanced safety features to support the driver's reliance and dependability of the new technology. 
In addition to the usual mechanical overrun brake system, the Smart Trailer supports the user with an advanced electrical system, remote diagnostics,
and online monitoring and management capabilities that can check the condition of the trailer and communicate if any component is not functioning
properly and or needs maintenance.

Sustainability is a core feature of the Smart Trailer. 
With our all-in-one system, the user is able to operate the trailer in a more sustainable manner, as well as depend on our system to supply other
electrical devices with green and renewable energy. 
The Smart Trailer's smart power battery system can also support the disbursement of energy to the home as part of its enhanced functionality
with respect to home energy storage and or portable power pack. 
Lastly, as the Smart Trailer's battery system becomes unsuitable for proper trailer operations, we can recycle the battery system for
second life energy usage which enhances the sustainability of the power pack.

The Smart Trailer's system has two operating modes that affect the drive.

First, is the mover function itself. In traditional trailers, the system works with a friction drive, so the torque that can be transferred is limited,
as it depends on the road conditions and the quality of the surface. With our Smart Trailer solution, we can transfer almost ten times as much torque,
so we are able to go up and down inclines, stop and hold position.

Most important, our control system is simple to operate and manage as we have automated the process and operation.
This is why our mover system is capable of providing various other functions over time, such as coupling assistant or autonomous functions.

Second, is the assistant mode. This is function of the Smart Trailer is completely new to the trailer market.
Our engineering objective is to minimize the towing loss of power, The Smart Trailer is towable but it requires very minimal power to tow.
This can save fuel on fossil vehicles or battery power on EV's. 

The Smart Trailer's system is equipped with a self-developed motion sensor.
Based on this, we are able to detect the movement of the vehicle, support ascent or acceleration, and at the same time,
in regenerative mode, we support the charging of the battery when braking or driving downhill. 
Part of these advantages is that it spares the towing vehicle's engine, braking system, and coupling head. 
The Smart Trailer does not lose energy, since all the braking energy goes into the battery system.

The built-in battery packs have a number of other uses, in addition to those listed so far.

For users that will transport horses and other animals, the Smart Trailer has the capability to provide heating,
cooling and air conditioning functions.

The Smart Trailer enables the charging of recreational vehicles and sports equipment, such as electric jet-skis,
surfboards, boats with green energy.

For users who play and work outside, or users who work in the construction sector, the Smart Trailer is able to provide
a charge and power for tools and equipment that requires a charge. 
The user has the option to always be connected to the Smart Trailer's power system.

The structure of the system basically consists of 7 elements.
Coupling device equipped with sensors. This sensors provide safety functions and safety information to the Smart Trailer's
vehicle control system, and it provides diagnostic functions. Through the diagnostic functions, we can receive information
about the technical condition of the trailer, as well as diagnose issues with the brake system or brake line system failures,
coupling head corrosion, or any other factors that can cause accidents.

The electric axle with all-wheel drive and a two-speed robotic-gearbox.
The two stages are automatically switched by the system depending on whether we need assisted or mover mode.
The axles can be chosen freely, there can be one, two or even three axis drives according to the user's needs.
Thanks to the asynchronous motors, their service life is hundreds of thousands of kilometers and does not require any maintenance.

The battery pack.
Depending on the energy demand, several systems can be freely connected, up to 8 units with energy output of 80 kilowatts.
The battery units are self-contained, with internal built-in contactors and a battery monitoring system is included. 
The patented battery pack includes an immersion cooling system, which significantly enhances the safety
features of the battery pack by reducing the risk of battery fire.  The battery pack can be charged for roughly 1,000 cycles.

The Smart Trailer includes a charging unit, which is connected to the existing J1772 Type 2 sockets. 
The user has a number of options to enhance the charging capabilities.
The battery charging system automatically recognizes the number and condition of the batteries in the system
and automatically charges the batteries in a safe mode.

The Smart Trailer's Vehicle Control Unit is able to detect the vehicle's movement dynamics and it provides
data for the level of support, safety functions and protection of the trailer.

The Smart Trailer's has a communications mode that allows the vehicle to communicate with the remote control (it is radio-based),
which is constantly coded and has security features to enhance the quality of the communication.


Manufacturer support provides the remote control / remote control module, software and display connected to the vehicle.
The design can be adjusted to meet the user needs.  Lastly, we can align our system with other features of the vehicle,
such as tire pressure indicators, doors, windows switch or any other components.

Lastly, the Smart Trailer is equipped with a simulator that can connect to the manufacturer's vehicle model,
and based on this, we can analyze stability, usability and travel distances. In case of any accident or incident,
our system can analyze the data and provide a complete report.

The system was specifically designed to provide users, market participants and manufacturers with a technological background that can be used almost immediately. Thus providing a very easy integration, without special development, research or higher investment from the user. The key advantages of the modular structure is that a user can freely choose axles and battery sizes, and other components. The Smart Trailer can provide excellent flexibility for integration into how the user wants and needs to use the trailer.